Treasures of Ancient Egypt | A New Dawn

Treasures of Ancient Egypt
In this 3 part series Alastair Sooke visits 30 great treasures of Egyptian art, some in Egypt either in site or in the Cairo Museum, others in museums elsewhere.
A New Dawn
Episode 3 of 3
Duration: 1 hour
Alastair Sooke concludes the epic story of Egyptian art by looking at how, despite political decline, the final era of the Egyptian Empire saw its art enjoy revival and rebirth. From the colossal statues of Rameses II that proclaimed the pharaoh's power to the final flourishes under Queen Cleopatra, Sooke discovers that the subsequent invasions by foreign rulers, from the Nubians and Alexander the Great to the Romans, produced a new hybrid art full of surprise. He also unearths a seam of astonishing satirical work, produced by ordinary men, that continues to inspire Egypt's graffiti artists today.