Treasures of Ancient Egypt | The Golden Age

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Treasures of Ancient Egypt
In this 3 part series Alastair Sooke visits 30 great treasures of Egyptian art, some in Egypt either in site or in the Cairo Museum, others in museums elsewhere.
The Golden Age
Episode 2 of 3
Duration: 1 hour
On a journey through Ancient Egyptian art, Alastair Sooke picks treasures from its most opulent and glittering moment. Starting with troubling psychological portraits of tyrant king Senwosret III and ending with the golden mask of boy king Tutankhamun, Sooke also explores architectural wonders, exquisite tombs and a lost city - site of the greatest artistic revolution in Egypt's history where a new sinuous style was born under King Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti. Along the way Egyptologists and artists reveal that the golden veneer conceals a touching humanity.